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Estate Planning

Do you ever ponder the questions: ‘What will happen to my estate when I’ve gone?’ and ‘how much tax will my dependents have to pay when I die?’

As a consequence of increasing property prices more people than before have found themselves being caught liable to Inheritance Tax and therefore wealth preservation and wealth transfer are becoming increasingly important issues for many families today.

Individuals with assets of any size should seek professional financial advice to consider what action may need to be taken before it’s too late, and your loved ones get left with a massive Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill.

When you’ve worked hard and invested carefully to build your wealth, you want to look after it. That’s why it’s important to plan for your wealth preservation and the eventual transfer of that wealth.

Inheritance tax can be complicated. Whether you want to provide for dependants, distribute property or ensure your legacy lives on, you need to structure your estate carefully. The right mix of trusts, investments and gifts can do this, reducing what’s paid to HMRC and increasing what goes to your family.

The specialist IHT planning areas we can advise you on include:
  • Calculating your Inheritance tax liability
  • Transferring assets out of your estate tax efficiently
  • How to insure your estate against Inheritance Tax
  • How can you benefit from Business Property Relief
  • How you can qualify for the Residence Nil Rate Band
  • How you can use trusts to protect assets

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