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About VIP

Investment support to help our clients access a range of high quality, vetted and approved Discretionary Fund Management companies.

Vision Investment Portal acts as an investment support company working very closely with your Independent Financial Adviser to bring you the very best investment solutions when it comes to Discretionary Fund Management.

Within that specialist and consultancy support role, VIP takes on the all-important function of meeting with Discretionary Fund Managers and determining their quality in service, charging structures, investment performance, bespoke offering, investment process and eligibility to ensure that they are meeting client’s needs and objectives now as well as in the future. The due diligence and selection criteria process that VIP continually performs, should result in a consistently high-quality investment offering.

It is an on-going process in maintaining that relationship with the Discretionary Fund Management companies to be confident that they are still providing a leading offering and one that gives the most appropriate solutions for clients. Other deciding factors include the willingness to listen to and closely work with your Independent Financial Adviser to ensure that the best possible service is provided to their clients.

From the outset, your own Independent Financial Adviser will have established your attitude to risk, your specific financial goals and outlined a suggested way forward using their expertise in the industry and all based on your financial circumstances.

  • Access to a range of portfolios to match a wide range of risk strategies and your income and growth objectives.
  • Working with your Independent Financial Adviser, VIP will have negotiated on your behalf with the selected Discretionary Fund Management companies preferential and exclusive terms when it comes to the service. This could include cost savings and greater bespoke portfolios making the Discretionary Fund Management service tailored to you which could not be obtained as a direct offering within the industry.
  • Regular focus on your portfolio to ensure that the blend of assets is still appropriate in changing economic periods and the ability to respond quickly to market data.
  • Comprehensive reports available throughout the year providing performance analysis of your portfolio and regular market commentaries from fund managers.
  • A dedicated website to bring you up to the minute information about your portfolio.
  • Face to face meetings however and whenever you choose to suit your style of financial planning.
  • Some of the best Discretionary Fund Management services that the market has to offer with all the necessary due diligence and appropriate diversification checks carried out by VIP saving you time when it comes to making important decisions about your investments.

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